Training Videos:

The following videos were created by Infinitec and can be checked out through CASE for staff development use. Please contact Tricia Sharkey if you are interested in obtaining one or more of these videos (

1. "Flex West Autism Training Series Behavior Strategies"
Presented by Nadine Woodle
PDF supports available

2. "I'm Speechless"
Presented by Paula Walser

3. "Intro to AAC: Augmentative and Alternative Communication"
Presented by Paula Walser

4. "Getting to the Heart of Communication"
Presented by Marsye Kaplan

5. "Using Student Data to Guide AT Decision Making Part I" & "Using Student Data to Guide AT Decision Making Part II"
Presented by Penny Reed, Ph.D.
PDF supports and Quizzes available

6. "Reading Assessment"
Presented by Karen Erickson and Stephanie Spadorcia

7. "Locating and Creating Text for Older Students Who are Emergent Readers"
Presented by Caroline Musselwhite

8. "Taking Control: Career Tips for People with Disabilities"
Presented by Laura Owens
PDF supports available

9. "Writing Instruction"
Presented by Joan Sedita

10. "Indispensable Tips, Tricks and Tools for Writing"
Presented by Scott Marfilius

11. "Please Teach Me to Communicate: Expressive Communication Strategies for Pre/Non-Verbal Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder"
Presented by Susan Stokes
PDF supports available

12. "Integrating Augmentative Communication into the Classroom"
Presented by Deidra L.Bunn