Math Resources:

Below please find some web based no cost/low cost math resources available to support math skills for struggling students:

Conceptuamath-support with fractions

Aplus Math

Games, homework tutoring and flashcard activities that include basic operations, rounding, time, geometry, algebra and more.

Fun Brain Math Arcade
Fun math games offered by grade level from 1-8.

HSP Math
Harcourt School Publishers interactive math site for Pre-K through 6 grade levels.

Interactive Math Worksheets
This website provides interactive and printable math drills/worksheets using JavaScript. The four basic operations and money are included. Customization of the worksheets is possible.
Math for Kids is a free resource designed by teachers. There are drills and games for the basic operations, time, money, algebra, fractions and geometry.

Math Playground
An action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Practice math skills, play a logic game, solve word problems, watch a video and have some fun! Has a nice selection of virtual and interactive tools.
Web-based math activities
Games, word problems, logic puzzles and math videos
Teacher and student support pre-K to 12th grade. Activities, lesson plans, standards, web links
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives; different math activities by topic and age
Interactive math tool to help students solve multi-step word problems