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What is AAC?

AAC is augmentative and alternative communication. AAC interventions range from no technology, (using gestures, signs) to low technology (communication boards or wallets), mid technology (single message voice output communication devices, static display multi cell voice output devices) to high technology (dynamic display voice generating devices, computer software used for communication).

It is thought that between 8 and 12 individuals out of 1000 will need to use AAC in order to communicate effectively. Martinsen and von Tetzchner (1996) developed three categories of AAC users.

1. Alternative Language Group: This group consists of people with little to no speech (expressive language) who also exhibit difficulty understanding language (receptive language). The goal of AAC for these potential users is to assist the understanding of language, develop interaction skills and increase opportuniteis for expressive language.

2. Expressive Language Group: This group includes individuals with severe speech motor dysfunction. As these users mature the gap increase between what they understand and what they can say. The goal for these potential users is to provide means to express interests, needs and comments and to provide opportunity to actively participate in the curriculum nad to develop leteracy skills.

3. Supportive Language Group: This group includes individuals with moderate motor speech dysfunction, many in this group become intelligible speakers. The goal for these individuals is to provide a bridge for the development of speech and language and means to enhance participation and communicative competence.

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Low Tech:

Mid Tech: Using Single Message Sequencers is a great way to increase switch accuracy for switch users. Check this PDF highlighting 101 ways to use Sequencing Devices in the Classroom.

High Tech:

Vocabulary Selection:

Core Language:

´╗┐Color Coding System:


1. Prentke Romich Company-PRC manufactures the-

Spring Board Lite

Vantage Lite

2. Dynavox-manufactures the

Dynavox V
Dynavox VMax

3. Enabling Devices

4. Attainment Company

5. Tobii ATI

6. Saltillo


AAC Evaluation Tools:

The Georgia Department of Education has developed an assessment tool for access, symbol systems, and augmentative devices. This PDF provides the type of tool, examples, and suggestions.

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